5 Top Tips for Busy Mums trying to fit in Exercise

 16 January 2018

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Most people find it hard to stick to an exercise program but for busy Mum’s it can be near impossible. I often hear Mum’s telling me that it is hard enough to find 5 minutes just to brush their teeth, let alone finding enough time to exercise!

How do you fit in time to exercise, in between caring for the kids, working both inside and outside the home, along with all the activities you have to take the kids to?

I have 3 boys and I can remember many hectic times, particularly when I had 3 of them all under 5 years old. I was working as well and needed strategies to be able to fit in exercise.

My top 5 tips are;

  1. I would always exercise first thing in the morning and be finished before the kids woke up. That way nothing gets in the way. If I left it until the afternoon or night there was no chance of any time. I still set my alarm for 5.45am every morning and fit my exercise in then.
  2. I always know what sort of exercise I am going to do the night before. I have my gear ready, making it easier to get out the door. Once I am up I am ready to go. It may be swimming, running or a group exercise class that I am doing, but I know whatever it is I will be prepared.
  3. Always pack the school lunches the night before. This was a revelation for me when I started doing this. Instantly I gained 30 minutes each morning. Who wouldn’t want an extra half hour on a busy morning?
  4. Some days you simply can’t find the time to get away but you may be able to fit in some exercise when the kids are with you. How about a family bike ride or you can join in on our family Zumba classes? When you take the kids to footy training can you use the time they are there to walk or run laps of the footy oval? This is win-win, they are great opportunities to spend time with your kids and show them what a great role model you are.
  5. It also pays to think about incidental exercise. Before you reach for the car keys ask yourself can you walk or ride your bike instead? This is a great way to fit some bonus cardio exercise into your day.

Slotting fitness into a busy schedule is hard and it does take planning, but it is do-able. As a busy Mum, your health needs to be a priority. When you are happy and healthy it sets the scene for the rest of your family too.

Let me know if I can help you with your planning.

Written by Kate.