BLOG: Welcome to the New Year!

 15 January 2018

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Well, it’s that time again...

Time to lose the weight...
Time to get fit...
Time to do it all over again...

Sound familiar? Didn’t you promise yourself 2017 WAS the year that this was all going to change? So what happened?

You fell back into your old ways, enjoyed the drink, the convenience and comfort food. You went to the gym and rewarded yourself with the food treats you desire.

Well, you showed you didn’t you? To coin a phrase from Dr Phil “So how’s that working out for you?”

Did you know…

On average the Australian adult puts on anywhere from 2 – 5 kg’s of excess weight in a year and this can add up over time. Remember when you’re younger and you could pretty much do whatever and eat whatever and the weight would disappear.

As we age the body’s muscle mass starts to decrease from the age of 30, leading to weight gain. Muscles burn more calories and help to keep your body lean.

SO What can you do?

Keep challenging your body in new and exciting healthy ways. This year at Active Monash we have some awesome programs coming your way. The first is “The Biggest Challenge” starting in a few short weeks and guaranteed to give you the healthy kick start into 2018. This program starts on 27th January and will have you achieving goals you never thought were possible.

Do you really need another New Year’s Resolution?

Let’s not think of committing to a list of New Year’s resolutions (they didn’t work – lose weight, get fit and tone up....remember you tried this last year.)

Invest your time and energy into experiences you enjoy!

Think of experiences you want to enjoy this year. Your experience list may be something like:

“I’d like to experience what it’s like to do a 10km fun run without stopping”.

How would you feel? What would that be like? It takes away the chore of the task and taps into the emotion. You have just set a goal, an achievable emotional goal – now how are we going to get there?

Here are some experiences you may want to latch onto and expand on to make your own. Have fun, make them uniquely yours.

  • I’d like to experience the Kokoda Trail – it something I want to achieve
  • I’d love to be able to wear great looking clothes and have others say wow
  • I’d love to be able to play the sport I once enjoyed or try a new activity
  • I’m too busy and would like some “me” time in the week and have more energy
  • Rather than hiding up the back – I’d love to have increased confidence
  • I’d love to have awesome weekends trying new activities I can spend with loved ones in new places....

Get the picture?
Have a go and write down a few.
How would this make you feel?

Once we have an emotional attachment to an experience we’re more likely to strive and achieve. You probably already have experiences in your life that you’ve been proud of. Remember how they made you feel?

Our trainers can surely help you with all of these confidentially one-on-one through Personal Training.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

And the best part is you don’t need to be fit to participate! We help you get to your goal as fast as possible to achieve that experience.

If you have the drive and passion enjoy a group exercise class or ramp up your training with Functional Group Training. Make a training system combining activities that work for you to achieve those experiences and make 2018 an awesome year.

Then at the end of the year, sit back and reflect on all the cool things you have experienced and work on your list for 2019.

Darren Taylor is a full-time trainer with Active Monash and draws on many years of experience. He has helped the average person achieve outstanding experiences from new careers to holidays requiring fitness levels for endurance.

This is YOUR YEAR – now how are we getting you there?