BLOG - Keeping motivated through injuries

 20 September 2018

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By Naomi Rands - Personal Trainer

We all know being injured sucks! Sometimes the injury may heal quickly, but for a lot of people it might continue on for months/years. Whether you are training for a particular sport, event or just for general fitness, it can really ruin your motivation.

It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself for a while but at some point, you need to establish if continuing with the training you might enjoy the most is actually worth it both physically and mentally. 

I believe it’s good to be mentally strong and continue thinking these injuries are not going to beat you, but when it’s happening on a regular basis for an extended period of time, maybe it’s time to think about a different type of training. This new training might not be your favourite but it could make you a happier person as you are not continuously battling injuries.

No matter what, be sure to keep exercising. There is always something you can do!

If you can’t do lower body cardio try doing upper body in a Tabata format or similar so you are still getting in some form of cardio. Even if all you can do is some basic prehab exercises it will all pay off in the long term and keep the endorphins flowing!

It’s also important to remember it most likely isn’t the end of doing the training you love, give your body some time to recover and strengthen other muscle groups, and most likely you will eventually be back doing what you love ☺️ (and often even stronger for it!)

Naomi recently competed in and WON not only her age group but QOM and Overall Female in Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo, one of the most popular mass participation bike rides in the country!