I Earned It - 2017

 27 April 2017

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The 'I Earned It' T-shirt member rewards programs runs across all three Active Monash centres, and is open to all current members, swim school students, MVP holders and stadium team players. Throughout each month, staff across Active Monash will nominate Members, Students or MVP holders who they believe are deserving of an 'I Earned It' T-shirt.

There are only 5 t-shirts to be WON each month!
We are looking to reward members who show respect to staff and members, who work hard and who are dedicated to Active Monash. Monthly winners will be contacted within the first week of each month to collect their prized T-Shirt. Winners will be asked to have their photo taken, and asked a few brief questions to be featured in the upcoming Active Monash Newsletter.



Awarded: June 2017.

Melissa has worked incredibly hard and stayed committed to her weight loss goal since August last year. She has lost over 45kg, and is still going strong! Melissa has remained consistent with her training, and has been diligent towards her nutrition throughout the past 11 months. It's not often someone sets out to lose almost half their body weight, and less than one year later you're asking them, "Now what?".
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Awarded: June 2017.

Bronwyn is a worthy recipient of the I Earned It top as she is a supporter Active Monash and has been for some time.

Her dedication to her gym training is paramount and she also fosters community spirit within the gym getting others (and herself) involved in promotion for Bowel Cancer Australia wearing undies on the outside for this worthy cause.

For these reasons she has been nominated for the I Earned It accolade

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Awarded: June 2017.

Hanae has trained with me for the last 6 years and have never missed a session, is dedicated to her goals and trains hard.

Hanae is truly an inspiration with her dedication to her health and fitness and early morning training. She takes what she has learned here at MARC and tries to educate her work colleagues the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly.

A well deserved nomination and proud recipient.

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Winnie & Rita

Awarded: 15 May 2017.

Winnie Albert (longer dark hair) Clayton participant of Strong4Life and Activelink, with knee and hip replacements, says she feels more energetic when she comes to class and gym she has been coming for 7 years
Rita Baldrey (Pink t-shirt) attends Cardio4Life and Strong4Life at Clayton - she says she enjoys keeping active. She has attended for approximately 6 years.

Both ladies attend all of our member functions including the Seniors Christmas Lunch.

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Bayden - Health Club Member
Awarded: 26 April 2017.

To date Bayden has lost a phenomenal amount of weight – today hitting 25kg weight loss in. Bayden never misses a PT session and always works 10/10. This is why Bayden gets his I Earned it t-shirt as he has definitely earned it! 

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Austin - ASI Participant

Awarded: 21 April 2017

Austin has been part of the ASI program for the last 2 years and is our youngest participant.  He has improved his strength phenomenally and is always putting a smile on everyone's face especially those in the hydro pool area.

Congratulations Austin, we look forward to helping you improve in the future.


Cecelia - Minky's Swim School
Awarded: 27 March 2017.

Cecelia received an 'I Earned It' T-shirt for her persistence in Crab level and after 12 months, she has progressed to the next level; Turtle!


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Bev - FGT & PT Member

Awarded: 22 March 2017

Bev has more than earned the right to receive an I Earned it top, with her countless hours of training and her dedication to FGT, PT and group classes. Bev has made the most amazing transformation of the past 2 years #checkoutthoseguns

Sylvia - Health & Fitness:
Awarded: 8 March 2017.

Sylvia Frampton who is 75 years young, she has been attending our centre for approx 10 years and comes regularly to strong4life class, doesn’t miss many classes has a go at everything.

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Giovanni - CAHC Member
Awarded: 24 February 2017.

Giovanni was nominated because:

  • she is an absolute gem.
  • Has been a member at our centre since we first opened
  • She comes at least 5 times a week by train from Springvale.
  • Does at least a couple of group fitness classes day as well as use the gym.
  • The majority of Prime Of Life members idolise her for her commitment given that she is 86 years old.
For these reasons, I believe that Giovanni is a worthy winner. 

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Edward - Learn to Swim

Awarded: 23 February 2017

Edward has “Earned” his shirt through his happy attitude and persistent effort in his penguin lessons, congratulations on moving to Clownfish! 

ASI-Yanni-IEI_thumb.jpgYanni - Health & Fitness:
Awarded: 6 February 2017.

Yanni has been working extra hard in the gym over the last three weeks by adding in an additional session during the school holidays. He has continued to develop great awareness of his body and in understanding how he can get the most out of every session. I have been most impressed at his ability to take on feedback and make changes, resulting in better efficiency and movement of his body.

Yanni hasn't just earned this t-shirt from the last three weeks, though. He has been working consistently over the last four years and has made some incredible gains. From tackling new exercises to moving more weight, Yanni has continued to push himself and aim higher every week. If you see Yanni and me in the gym come up and say hi, or dare him to a race on the bike! Watch out, he has a competitive streak!

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HF-Victor-IEI_thumb.jpg Victor - Aqua
Awarded: 3 February 2017.
Victor was so excited about receiving the T-shirt. I was leading up to the presentation and all of a sudden a few voices in the class called out, Victor! So the perfect choice! He has been attending classes for years
in the warm water pool, and is an all time favourite person with all he meets. 

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