I Earned It - 2017

 27 April 2017

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The 'I Earned It' T-shirt member rewards programs runs across all three Active Monash centres, and is open to all current members, swim school students, MVP holders and stadium team players. Throughout each month, staff across Active Monash will nominate Members, Students or MVP holders who they believe are deserving of an 'I Earned It' T-shirt.

There are only 5 t-shirts to be WON each month!
We are looking to reward members who show respect to staff and members, who work hard and who are dedicated to Active Monash. Monthly winners will be contacted within the first week of each month to collect their prized T-Shirt. Winners will be asked to have their photo taken, and asked a few brief questions to be featured in the upcoming Active Monash Newsletter.



Awarded: October 2017.

I've awarded Michelle as a worthy recipient of the I Earned It T-shirt as she is the gun at all our programs!

Michelle participates in Functional Group Training, Group Fitness, Personal Training and attends the Gym. She well and truly gets value out of her time here with Active Monash and participates in each fitness challenge we run and is usually one of the first to sign up.

This is why Michelle is more than worthy of the 'I Earned It' accolade. During her training sessions with me, she never says “No I Can’t” but instead is always asking how she can improve.


Congratulations Michelle – well deserved!

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