I Earned It - 2017

 27 April 2017

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The 'I Earned It' T-shirt member rewards programs runs across all three Active Monash centres, and is open to all current members, swim school students, MVP holders and stadium team players. Throughout each month, staff across Active Monash will nominate Members, Students or MVP holders who they believe are deserving of an 'I Earned It' T-shirt.

There are only 5 t-shirts to be WON each month!
We are looking to reward members who show respect to staff and members, who work hard and who are dedicated to Active Monash. Monthly winners will be contacted within the first week of each month to collect their prized T-Shirt. Winners will be asked to have their photo taken, and asked a few brief questions to be featured in the upcoming Active Monash Newsletter.



Awarded: August 2017.

Congratulations Sharyn on your I earned it Tshirt! Sharyn always works super hard in her PT sessions and makes consistent improvements in both her fitness and measurements. She is one of the hardest working people I train and I’m so happy to see her getting the results she deserves!

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Awarded: August 2017.

Nick can definitely wear this I Earned it top with pride. He has been dedicated to his training since the day I met him. He continues smashing out 3 gruelling PT session a week, on top of that he also runs countless kilometres on the treadmill and enjoys partaking in some FGT classes... but only if the sun is out. Nick has never skipped a beat with his training; he pushes himself in every session, he is an absolute pleasure to train.
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Awarded: August 2017.

Walter has been committed to training for the last 5 years at Clayton. Throughout this time, Walter has been devoted to his goals, for example last year; he had the goal of attending the gym 120 times which he accomplished with flying colours. This year he has set the bar higher in achieving 120+ sessions by the end of the year. Walter is always a friendly face around the gym and we are lucky to have him as a member.

 These are the reasons why I’ve nominated Walter, now let’s see how many sessions he can get this year?    

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Awarded: July 2017.

Jia has been training with me for 7 months. He shows true dedication to his training and his weekly sessions with me. His no-excuses attitude and hard work are very admirable. Congratulations Jia.

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Awarded: July 2017.

Laura attends Monash Dribblers at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Laura is always polite, listens, tries hard and shows great team work. Laura was very excited to receive her I Earned It t-shirt, it was presented to her in front of the other participants and their parents. 
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Awarded: June 2017.

Melissa has worked incredibly hard and stayed committed to her weight loss goal since August last year. She has lost over 45kg, and is still going strong! Melissa has remained consistent with her training, and has been diligent towards her nutrition throughout the past 11 months. It's not often someone sets out to lose almost half their body weight, and less than one year later you're asking them, "Now what?".
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Awarded: June 2017.

Bronwyn is a worthy recipient of the I Earned It top as she is a supporter Active Monash and has been for some time.

Her dedication to her gym training is paramount and she also fosters community spirit within the gym getting others (and herself) involved in promotion for Bowel Cancer Australia wearing undies on the outside for this worthy cause.

For these reasons she has been nominated for the I Earned It accolade

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Awarded: June 2017.

Hanae has trained with me for the last 6 years and have never missed a session, is dedicated to her goals and trains hard.

Hanae is truly an inspiration with her dedication to her health and fitness and early morning training. She takes what she has learned here at MARC and tries to educate her work colleagues the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly.

A well deserved nomination and proud recipient.

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