I Earned It AUGUST 2017

 30 August 2017

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Awarded: August 2017.

Congratulations Sharyn on your I earned it Tshirt! Sharyn always works super hard in her PT sessions and makes consistent improvements in both her fitness and measurements. She is one of the hardest working people I train and I’m so happy to see her getting the results she deserves!

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Awarded: August 2017.

Nick can definitely wear this I Earned it top with pride. He has been dedicated to his training since the day I met him. He continues smashing out 3 gruelling PT session a week, on top of that he also runs countless kilometres on the treadmill and enjoys partaking in some FGT classes... but only if the sun is out. Nick has never skipped a beat with his training; he pushes himself in every session, he is an absolute pleasure to train.
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Awarded: August 2017.

Walter has been committed to training for the last 5 years at Clayton. Throughout this time, Walter has been devoted to his goals, for example last year; he had the goal of attending the gym 120 times which he accomplished with flying colours. This year he has set the bar higher in achieving 120+ sessions by the end of the year. Walter is always a friendly face around the gym and we are lucky to have him as a member.

 These are the reasons why I’ve nominated Walter, now let’s see how many sessions he can get this year?    

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