RESULTS February Update

 18 January 2019

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Meet Niroshe

Niroshe first experienced the RESULTS sessions during participating in The Ultimate Team Challenge in November. Since then she's been coming to RESULTS regularly and smashing her fitness goals! See what Nirsohe has to say about our RESULTS program below...



I initially joined MARC a while ago to help me lose weight. I started to enjoy exercise but eventually found I wasn't learning anything new or things that helped me in my day to day life (like the bringing in the groceries or carrying out the washing). Then in November 2018, I joined The Ultimate Team Challenge which was a new type of challenging for me as I had never participated in any team events. As a part of this I got to try out the RESULTS sessions and I fell in love instantly! Not only did I meet some awesome new people who inspire and support me, but my core strength has increased tremendously. I can now plank for a full minute when prior to coming to RESULTS I couldn't do it for 20 seconds. I have also noticed that I no longer need help with bringing in my grocery shopping (my husband is no longer needed for that, much to his delight)!

In addition to weight loss goals, for the first time in my life, I now have fitness goals; I want to be able to do Turkish Get-ups, Snatches and master the dreaded Burpees!

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