Returning to Exercise After an Injury

 22 February 2019

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As many of the MARC gym members know I recently suffered a knee injury requiring surgery - and if you’re an exercise junkie like me, being forced to scale back my gym routine because of injury was really frustrating!

However, I knew that it was vital to take the appropriate precautions and make suitable changes to my exercise routine due to my injury.  I also knew that it was (and still is) equally important to maintain my strength and fitness. This was vital to help my recovery, to help my psychological wellbeing and to help prevent weight gain.

During my rehabilitation, I have found that exercise such as cycling, swimming (I started in the warm water exercise pool) and upper body workouts have been important for me to maintain cardiovascular fitness and prevent muscle wastage. Following my physiotherapist’s advice I have been following a regime of knee strengthening activities and balance exercises.

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I am now getting stronger every day and hope to get my leg strength back so that I am back to running again soon – I have set a goal of the Sydney City to Surf Run in August!

So if you are reluctant to exercise following an injury don’t be – seek the advice of your medical professional and ask them about what you CAN do. In most instances, an appropriate exercise program will aid your recovery. Then come and see us in the gym and we can help you with the exercises that have been prescribed for you.

Who knows maybe you can join me on the run? 

Written by: Kate - Personal Trainer.

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