Spring Fitness Goal Setting with Kate

 25 September 2017

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As a busy working mother of 3 teenage boys, many people ask me how I manage to fit in my workouts. One of the reasons that I have been able to workout consistently for so many years is that I always try to add variety into my training. It might be trying a different group class or a new workout in the gym, a new running route, a new playlist on my iPod, or entering a running event. I find that adding in something new gives me a fresh challenge and something to look forward to. 

Now that winter has gone and spring is here it is a great time to revisit your fitness goals and try something new. Long-term goals are important, but they can sometimes be overwhelming.  Why not focus on some everyday goals that you can achieve and tick off daily. Some examples might be; “ I am going to eat a healthy breakfast” or “I am going to stay hydrated today and drink at least 6 glasses of water”, or “I am going to try out a new class at the gym today”.

Do you need a hand with your goal setting? Why not book a time with one of the Personal Trainers and we can have a chat and re-look at your exercise program to make sure you are getting the best out of your time at the gym. We can help you to ensure that you are really getting the most out of your workouts, really thinking about each exercise and ensuring you are using the correct technique to become stronger with each rep.

You can also have a chat to us about group training, and what classes might be the best for you. Even if you like to exercise solo you might find that just one group class, once a week may add some variety and help to keep you motivated.

Spring is synonymous with transformations, newness and freshness. Take advantage of the season by injecting some variety into your fitness routine. Whatever goals you choose, remember that the Personal trainers are here to help you to achieve them. I hope to see you in the gym soon!

Written by: Kate - Personal Trainer.