Meet the Program Leaders

 01 November 2018

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Introducing Sarah, Hayden and Carol, our Program Leaders!

You've probably seen them around the 3 Active Monash Centres, so we thought it's about time you got to know them. Our NEW Group Fitness Timetable launches Monday 5 November 2018.

Download NEW! Group Fitness Timetable: November - February 2019

  What I teach... What I love about Group Fitness...
The RESULTS program! Which is functional training and lifting, consisting of movements that mirror those we do in life: lifting, squatting, pushing and pulling. I love the support and motivation that is associated with a sense of community and the positive vibes that come with recognising other's achievements as well as our own.
I am the Les Mills guru! I teach GRIT, BodyAttack, BodyPump and BodyStep. Come and see me for a HIIT workout!

I love the comradery a Group Fitness class can promote. I love that Group Fitness has the power to usher in a movement of change in a world of increasing obesity, all whilst having fun and being part of something! What’s not to love?


Active Abilities, Active Kids, ActiveLink, BodyPump, Cardio4Life, Core, Cycle, Dribblers, Strong4Life.

I love sharing my passion, helping people exercise in an enjoyable workout and reaching their health and fitness goals. I am fortunate to be able to teach the whole community from aged 4 to 94, it is very rewarding.

Download NEW! Group Fitness Timetable: November - February 2019