Active Monash staff take on the 2017 MS Mega Swim

 06 October 2017

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Active Monash staff past and present have joined forces again this year and entered two teams into the annual MS Mega Swim for 2017. The event raises important funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, for which there is currently no cure. The event will be held at Doug Ellis Swimming Pool in Clayton from 10am Saturday 7 October - 10am Sunday 8 October. We caught up with Maivi to get the lowdown on this year team and what motivates them and what the event means to everyone involved.

Who is participating in the 2017 MS Mega Swim?

This year we have two teams again, made up of our lifeguards, swimming instructors and duty managers – past and present!

Our swimmers include: Adi Raber, Alice Liu, Amanda Duong, Andrew Liang, Beth Harrick , Billy Tang, Chloe Walker, Christie Leong, Daniel Lee, Emma Chan, Isha Ranasinghe, Jess Ashworth, Joel Watson, Kai Loh, Krystel Oodoomansaib, Laura Ha, Maivi Nguyen, Richard Thornton, Richie Parker, Sally Fyfield, Samuel Chan, Samuel Kim, Sanjan Udumalagala, Sean Sires, Simon Obery, Stefan Balmes, Tony Lu, Trevor Lau and William Jap

This is the fifth year Active Monash has participated, why is it such a great event to be a part of?
Multiple Sclerosis is essentially a disease of the brain and nervous system, and as a result, can affect any and all parts of the body. The work that we do to raise money will help to support the initiatives and programs that MS Australia have developed for the individuals and families impacted by the disease. Team Minky has grown over the last five years and we have more swimmers than ever. The MS Megaswim is a really fun way to support a cause as we try to create as much awareness as we can.

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Is there a certain goal you’re aiming for this year?

As a combined total, our two teams swam 184.5km last year – with our Team 1 breaking the 100km mark in the 23rd hour! We are ambitiously hoping to do that again.

Do you have a game plan to tackle the non-stop 24 hour event? Or is it hush-hush?

Our game plan helps us swim at a faster pace to try and make as much distance as we can! It is a combined effort as we use a relay style, having at least three or four people alternating at once. We will swim 50m intervals, allowing us to have enough recovery time to keep swimming fast!

How do you refuel in a non-stop 24-hour event?

We have an endless supply of all chocolate, lollies, donuts, chips, pizza, dumplings and anything else you could possibly think of.

Do you sleep or have any chance to take a break?

Yes! We do take lots of breaks and if we have the chance, we will try and have a quick power nap. It is super important to avoid grumpy swimmers.

Do any swimmers have a certain ritual or routine?

We have a team ritual – our team captains will always start off the swim.

What swimming strokes will the team utilise?

Generally freestyle, but doggy paddle works too!

What do you think about when swimming so many laps?

“How many donuts can I eat to replenish my body?”

How do you keep motivated and keep going throughout the swim?

We are very supportive of each other as a team. It creates a really fun environment to keep us swimming through the night and into the next day. We are also pretty competitive and we like to see the kilometres ticking over!

How can we help Team Minky?

If you would like to learn more about this event or would like to donate to the cause, please visit this link below:

Good luck Team Minky!