Mindful May

 27 April 2017

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Throughout May, we're encouraging our members and guests to become aware of mindful practices. To support this, we will be supplying mindful colouring in sheets suited for adults. The colouring in sheets will be available at each Active Monash centre from reception, gym and group exercise rooms. Patrons are encouraged to colour in while having a coffee or take them home to enjoy. We will also be displaying completed sheets within the gyms around Active Monash, so if you'd like to see your artwork up on the wall, pass it along to a gym instructor.

What is mindfulness?

Jon Kabt-Zinn, defines mindfulness as, “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

Mindfulness is available to us in every moment, whether through meditations and body scans, or mindful moment practices like taking time to pause and breathe when the phone rings instead of rushing to answer it.

Here are some of our favourite tips to begin practising mindfulness:
  • Set aside some time. You don’t need a meditation cushion or bench, or any sort of special equipment to access your mindfulness skills—but you do need to set aside some time and space.
  • Observe the present moment as it is. The aim of mindfulness is not quieting the mind or attempting to achieve a state of eternal calm. The goal is simple: we’re aiming to pay attention to the present moment, without judgement. Easier said than done, we know.
  • Let your judgements roll by. When we notice judgements arise during our practice, we can make a mental note of them, and let them pass.
  • Return to observing the present moment as it is. Our minds often get carried away in thought. That’s why mindfulness is the practice of returning, again and again, to the present moment.
  • Be kind to your wandering mind. Don’t judge yourself for whatever thoughts crop up, just practice recognizing when your mind has wandered off, and gently bring it back.

(Source: mindful.org)

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