Winter Swimming Lessons

 12 May 2018

Child Swimming
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As we come into the winter months, it is as important as ever to keep up with your children’s swimming lessons. Continuing these lessons throughout winter is vital for the progress of your children’s swimming ability. Maintaining consistency and continuity with lesson attendance gives your children the best chance to continue building on and growing their skills base. After a break, it can take a while for students to re-establish swimming routines and technique, so keeping momentum rolling throughout the year is the best way to ensure your children are progressing.

Drowning deaths occur throughout the year; during all seasons, days of the week and times of the day.

What happens if I stop swimming lessons in Winter?

Children require reinforcement of existing skills to develop their ability and confidence in the water. By taking children out of swimming lessons for an extended period of time, your children will reduce their ability to continue with their development, along with their confidence in and around water.

Children who stop or reduce their swimming lessons over winter tend to forget a lot of their learnt skills due to lack of reinforcement. This results in them taking longer to develop and improve their swimming abilities compared to children who continue swimming lessons throughout winter. Continued participation in swimming lessons throughout winter is the smartest way to ensure that your children are safe when they are around water, whether it be at the beach, in the swimming pool, bathing or general leisure or play.

Benefits of continuing swimming lessons year-round:

By continuing swimming lessons throughout winter, your children will be confident to swim in, around and near water come summer. Your children will be able to continue with the development of their skills and ability whilst increasing their knowledge of water safety and awareness. This, in turn, will prepare them for summer swimming activities when they are around water on a more frequent basis.

Swimming lessons are a great way to stay fit and active, especially throughout the winter months. While children are growing, swimming can give them a full body work out, whilst developing their muscles without the stress that other forms of exercise can bring upon growing bodies. Swimming can improve ‘coordination, balance and posture’, and helps increase your child's immune system to fight nasty viral infections. It can be chilly in the winter months, so make sure your children have a nice warm shower after their lesson and are dressed warmly when walking to the car. Beanies are a great way to keep the kids warm and cozy!

The 2017 Royal Lifesaving National Drowning Report reported that there was a 4% increase in the 10-year average of children between the ages of 0 - 4 drowning in 2016/17. This is attributed to factors including ‘lack of understanding of water safety and knowledge’ as well as ‘lack of swimming ability’. It is vital to your child's safety that they are confident in and around water and have adequate swimming and water safety skills. It is important for children to continue their swimming development throughout the entire Swim School, rather than just learning the basics so that they are skilled enough to be able to help themselves get out of difficult situations when around water.

At Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC) and Clayton Aquatic and Health Club (CAHC), our 25m pools and Learn To Swim pool are heated to the same temperature throughout the year (approximately 31 and 32 degrees respectively), so year-round your child will obtain the full learning experience and enjoyment out of their lessons. Please contact MARC on 9265 4888 and CAHC on 9541 3100  to book in to see one of our qualified Aquatic Consultants, and let us show you how we can help you or your children become a safer and stronger swimmer today.


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