Which Aqua Class Should I Attend?

 29 April 2019

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Not sure which Aqua class is right for you? See our guide for help deciding!

We recommend trying a class and speaking to the instructor to gauge the appropriate level for you. These guidelines have been put in place for you to get the best workout possible!

AquaLink Hydro  Older-Adults.png
This class is designed for participants who have chronic conditions or are returning from illness or injury. It is performed at a gentle pace in the warm water pool.
Aqua Hydro  Older-Adults.png
This class is performed in the warm water pool and is designed to improve mobility, strength and function. This class is great for beginners, or anyone looking for an easier paced class.
Aqua Lite  Cardio.png
An easy to follow water workout in a fun environment. This class caters for all abilities in the warm water pool.
Aqua  Older-Adults.png
A water workout in the 25m pool designed to improve muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility in an environment that has minimal impact on the joints.
Aqua Energy  Cardio.png
A high energy water workout. Upbeat music will keep you working hard whilst still protecting your joints with low impact movements.

See Full Group Fitness Timetable here.