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Active Minds Q&A is a collaboration between Active Monash and provisionally registered graduate psychology students* at Monash University. The aim is to provide online mental health support and advice to our community during this period of isolation.

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Look out for our first episode, which addresses strategies on how to stay motivated in isolation. 

Tune in at 7PM Thursday 14 May

*all graduate students are provisionally registered and operating under guidance and direction from supervisory registered psychologists. 

For emergency mental health support please contact the following services:  



Phone number

Operating hours


Emergency assistance


24 / 7


Crisis support, suicide prevention, and mental health support services

13 11 14


Beyond Blue

Depression, anxiety and related disorders

1300 22 4636






Meet the Active Minds team



How to Support Others with Rachelle, Rebecca, Bec and Sherena

Join Rochelle, Rebecca, Bec and Shareena as they discuss mental health conditions during the COVID 19 pandemic, and how you can support someone experiencing a mental health condition.


Accessing a Psychologist with Keira, Elyse and Allen 

Keira, Elyse and Allen cover some of the many reasons to see a Psychologist, while explaining how to access a Psychologist and what to expect in a session.


Stress Reducing Strategies with Michaela, Marian and Matthew 

Join Michaela, Marian and Matthew as provide proven strategies to reduce stress and it’s effect on our immune systems.




Fight or Flight - Does prolonged stress weaken the immune system? With Keira, Elyse and Allen

  • Join Keira, Elyse and Allen as they discuss the stress that we are currently experiencing and how we can identify what we can control and can't, and ways of managing the stressors that lead to exhaustion and poor physical health.

States of Change with David, Remi and Katherine

Join David, Remi and Katherine from Monash University as they discuss our ability to adapt to change and how rewarding yet challenging this process can be.



Motivation and Kindness

Join Rochelle, Bec and Rebecca as they discuss the importance of self-compassion and its relevance to improving motivation in isolation and beyond.



Thea Baker

Thea is a Women’s Health Counsellor and Somatic Psychotherapist has a has special interest in working with trauma in its various forms, the adjustment to life after traumatic events and how this impacts our relationships with others. She works holistically, finding creative ways to combine physical and mental health.  

Sharing her story and experience with grief, Thea talks about how to navigate the uncomfortable feelings of lockdown and how to stay connected during these challenging times. 




Meet Kerryn

Kerryn Harvey is a cycle instructor at Monash Aquatic Recreation Centre. She shares her inspirational story and the importance of gratitude, goal setting, and having a support network. Thank you Kerryn for sharing your journey and your passion with us. We can't wait to be back in the cycle studio with you!

Kerryn's Story 

In 2013 while on a cycling trip in Adelaide, Kerryn was knocked from her bike. After initially receiving treatment for cuts and bruises, she found herself in Royal Adelaide Hospital with a rare and aggressive bacteria called Necrotizing Fasciitis (more commonly known as flesh eating disease) that she had most likely picked up from the road at the site of the accident. The only option was radical surgery to remove infected parts and attempt to stay ahead of the bacteria, which was a forequarter arm amputation, which involved the removal of her arm and entire shoulder. The medical staff told her it was a miracle she had survived. They also told her one very important piece of information – she survived because she was very fit. 

As a passionate sportsperson, this did not stop Kerryn’s sporting career, since then she has competed in ITU para-triathlon events since 2015 with huge success and determination. Most recently, she won gold in her home country of Australia at the 2017 Devonport OTU Triathlon Oceania Championship.




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Last updated: 17 July 2020