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Virtual Timetable Classes

Find the recordings of your favourite Virtual Timetable classes here:

 Cardio | Wellness | Strength | Active Older Adults | Active Youth




Cardio HIIT with Sarah

Combat Freestyle with Andrew

Combat with Andrew

Cardio Combat with Carol

Circuit Training Blitz with Carol

Combat Workout with Andrew

Combat with Andrew 2

Core/Cardio Tabata with Carol

 Full Body Conditioning with Marietta

Full Body Conditioning with Marietta - Week 2

Full Body Workout with Carol

High Energy with Graham

High Energy with Hayden

High Energy with Joyce

High Energy Low Impact with Joyce

High Energy with Yaleika

Jump Rope Challenge with Nami

Low Impact High-Intensity with Boon

Smashiit with Darren & Kate

Stair Workout with Graham

Step with Michelle

Step with Michelle 2

Step with Michelle 3

Step with Michelle 4

Step with Patricia

Step Basic with Patricia

Sweat with Cheryl

Sweat with Cheryl 2

Sweat with Cheryl 3

Tummy, Hips and Thighs with Carol

X-Training with Carol

X-Training with Carol 2



Balance with Andrew

Foam Roller with Sandra

Gentle Yoga with Gayle

Meditation with Gayle

Mobility & Stretch with Sandra

Pilates with Adrienne

Pilates with Jenny

Pilates with Jenny 2

Pilates with Lily

Pilates with Lily 2

Pilates with Pete

Pilates with Terri

Pilates with Terri 2

Pilates with Terri 3

Strength and Balance with Andrew

Stretch with Sandra

Tai Chi/Pilates/Yoga blend with Andrew

Yin-Yoga with Gayle

Yoga with Gayle

Yoga with Gayle (Hips)

Yoga (incorporating meditation) with Gayle

Yoga with Sharon

Yoga with Tanya

Yoga with Tanya 2

Yoga with Tanya 3


Yoga with Vidya


Yoga with Vidya 2

Yoga (bench) with Gayle

Yoga and Mobility Balance with Andrew

Yoga and Mobility Balance



Barbell Workout with Carol

Barre with Adrienne

Barre with Terri

Core with Carol

Core with Kate

Express Core with Carol

Express Legs & Core with Carol

Home Workout with Patrick

Lower Body Conditioning with Gemma

Mother's Day Partner Workout with Kate and Josh

Mother's Day Workout with Carol and Amy

Off the Couch with Pat

Strength/Cardio Extreme with Hayden

Strength and Mobility Circuit with Graham

Tabata Circuit

Tin Can Workout with Patricia

Upper Body Salt & Pepper with Gemma

Active Older Adults

Activelink Chair with Gayle

Activelink Chair with Shari

Active Link Chair with Yaleika

Chair Based Exercises

Chair Workout with Carol


Low Impact Cardio4Life with Carol

Low Impact Cardio 4 Life with Michelle

Low Impact/Mobility with Cheryl

Strong4Life with Carol

Strong4Life with Carol 2

Strong4Life with Graham 1

Strong4Life with Graham 2

Strong4Life with Graham 3

Strong4Life with Graham 4

Strong4Life with Graham 5

Strong4Life with Kate

Strong4Life Balance with Kate

Strong4Life Strength and Balance with Sandra


Active Youth

Active Abilities with Carol and Caitlin

Active Kids with Carol

Active Kids with Carol

Active Kids with Yaleika

Family Fun with Yalieka

Swim Conditioning

Swim Conditioning with Lily

Swim Conditioning with Lily 2



Last updated: 11 June 2020