Check In Now

 20 January 2021

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To support contact tracing we are required to request that each person that attends our facility for more than 15 minutes provide their FIRST NAME and PHONE NUMBER.

From Thursday 21 January, 2021 Active Monash facilities will be implementing the Victorian Government QR Code Service.  This service provides a QR code that customers can scan and register their attendance.

Depending on your phone and operating system it may prompt you to download the Service Victoria App. This system is now widely used across many organisations.  We strongly encourage you to download the Service Victoria App from the App store or Google Play to ensure fast and efficient check-in.

All casual visitors will be required to check-in and show reception prior to entry.

All members, multi-visit pass holder and swim school students have their attendance automatically recorded when scanning their access band, card, or token.  However, we strongly recommend that all customers utilise to the QR code check-in service.

If you don’t have a phone or compatible device to scan QR code there will be alternative options available.  Staff will be able to assist recording attendances on a device at reception, or manual recording sheets will be available.

To find out more about the Victorian Government QR code service.