RESULTS May Update

 29 April 2019

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Meet Deb

Deb has found a new love for her workouts and has now lost around 20kgs since she joined the program! See what Deb has to say about our RESULTS program below...
Since joining RESULTS I have lost around 20kgs! I am seeing muscles I haven’t seen in years being defined, my blood pressure has dramatically reduced and I am doing exercises I never thought I could. Every time I go to the gym I get so many compliments, it’s overwhelming, I have never had so many people ask me what’s the secret?!
deb after photo-crop.jpg
The RESULTS trainers are very professional and have the expertise to notice when a correction in technique is required and have kept me motivated throughout my development. The groups are small, friendly and supportive, joining RESULTS is the best decision I ever made to be inspired and supported by these awesome people in my journey am ever so grateful. 
 Loving the new me, RESULTS rocks my world!“ 


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