RESULTS Testimonial

 23 July 2019

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Meet Megan! 

Megan has had an amazing transformation with Active Monash, both physically and mentally. Read about her journey - 

"My fitness journey started in February of this year where I signed up for ‘The biggest Winner’ (TBW) Competition with Active Monash.

The challenge gave me a taste of the Results classes as well as personal training. I made some commitments to both myself and my trainer. I promised to train at least 4 times a week, improve my eating habits and reduce my alcohol intake.

These goals were similar to many of the people I was training alongside, and I believe this was a big factor in keeping me accountable.

At the end of the challenge in April I had lost 12 kg’s. I was amazed that I was able to achieve so much in a short amount of time, but I knew I hadn’t met my goal yet. Since the challenge ended I have continued to train hard, doing the RESULTS classes and keep on track with my positive eating habits.

Coming into winter, it has been a lot harder to get up early and resist over indulging, but with the help from the rest of the RESULTS family, and the constant encouragement of the trainers I have managed to continue on. As it stands today I have lost 24 kgs since the start of the year.

But what I find so much more motivating is that I am starting to be able to wear clothes I haven’t worn since high school, and I can now comfortably back squat a weight greater than my bodyweight.

The RESULTS program has helped me change from someone who struggled to get out of bed before 8, went out for dinner or had takeaway more often than I cooked and felt constantly uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing. To someone who is now up before 7 most days, has a healthy relationship with food and feels confident walking out in public.

I still have some bodyweight to shed and some muscles to gain before I will be in a place I am satisfied with, but that is no longer a daunting task to me.

If you have been thinking about joining RESULTS or any group exercise class I would strongly encourage you to have a go. We are so lucky at Active Monash to have such knowledgeable and passionate trainers, so make use of them! You won’t regret it. Set up a lifestyle consultation, do a class and make some incredible relationships on your way to becoming a healthier person.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to trainer Sarah Florence and long-time Results Member Niroshe Amarasekera, for their continued guidance and support, it has been, and continues to be of great help to me". 

 Keep up the amazing work, Megan!