Silver Linings - What positives can you gain from this time?

 29 April 2020

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I’m Sarah and I’m the one with the tattoos who runs programs for Active Monash like Results, the Biggest Winner and Ultimate Team Challenge. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2016 and I’ve got a fairly interesting past, however that’s a story for another time.  

Writing is one of my favourite past times and I’ve written a blog for the past few years. I write mainly about my personal experiences, both past and present, and how they’ve shaped the person I am today.  

Here at Active Monash we all have different skills and experience which we can bring to the table to offer support in these uncertain times. This is my contribution: weekly blogs with the intention of keeping us connected, offering some ideas on how to stay mentally and physically well in isolation, and getting through this pandemic together.  

I welcome any questions from you, and suggestions on topics I can cover. I thought I’d start with something a lot of us are struggling to find in this madness, but what I feel is something that is vital for us to hold onto: Silver Linings 

We have all lost something, some more than others, but we are all in a different and difficult situation and we are all struggling. Here’s some silver linings that I have found so far, you may not share mine, but take some time to have a think about what you’re might be.  

  1. This is a chance to step up and be the person who supports others. Reach out to friends or family you may have lost touch with. Hard times bring people closer together.  
  2.  All of these restrictions make us appreciate ‘normal’ activities so much more. Being able to hug a friend or sit in a café are all things that we likely took for granted. Think about all the things you’ll be grateful to resume once this is over.  
  3. Change up your training! You may have been just going through the motions at the gym and afraid to step out of your comfort zone…with gyms closed to the public there is now so many opportunities online, regardless of whether you have equipment or not. Try some of the workouts from our trainers here.  
  4. Be creative! I was an artist in a past life and restrictions around my usual activities have led to me revisiting that passion. Think of some hobbies you’d like to start or re-start! Cooking, gardening, crafts, reading…things that you can include the family in are great.  
  5. Tidy!! This is the best chance to de-clutter. Cleaning is so therapeutic and with all the extra reasons to keep things clean right now, may as well use it as a chance to rid your home of anything that isn’t beautiful or useful!