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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Swim School
Below you will find our most commonly asked questions about Minky's Swim School:


Can I suspend my lessons?
We do not offer suspensions with Learn to Swim memberships. This is because we are unable to guarantee that the students place will still be available on returning to Minky’s Swim School. What we can do for you is cancel your lessons to stop your direct debits, and when you are ready to return, work with you to find a suitable class time.


How do I cancel my lessons if I am on direct debit?
All cancellations must be in writing and with 14 days notice given. Please speak to the customer service officers at the front desk to request a cancellation form. If you are cancelling your lessons due to medical reasons make sure you do so in writing and attach the medical certificate along with it. This includes if the term has ended. All direct debit enrolments are on going until you decide to end them by filling out the cancellation form 14 days prior.


Do I have to pay the Admin fee?
The administration fee applies to all new members entering Minky’s Swim School. The classification of a ‘new member’ is a participant who has never registered in Minky’s Swim School or a participant who has been away from swimming lessons for more than 4 weeks at a time. The only exception to this being if a medical certificate was provided when leaving the swim school. You will receive a welcome pack with each admin fee paid.


How long will my child be a level for?
Students progress at different rates to each other so some may pass quickly, others may take some time. The average time most students spend in a level is 3 terms. If your child is in the same level of Minky’s Swim School for a period of 9 months without progressing to the next level, we will provide FREE express programs during the school holidays, until they are able to achieve all skills within that level (Terms & Conditions Apply, Minky Swim School Guarantee as stated in Achievement Book)


What happens if we miss a lesson?
If you are unable to attend a lesson due to other commitments, you are entitled to 1 free family swim pass, per student per term (without a medical certificate). To receive your family swim pass, please come and see reception the week after you missed your lesson and our friendly staff will be able to issue that for you!
If you are unable to attend a lesson/s due to medical reasons, we will honour each of the lessons missed with a free family swim pass, so long as a medical certificate stating the dates that you are unable to attend is presented to reception. The swim passes cannot be issued without the medical certificate. Please note that you can only claim passes for missed lessons during the term that the lessons were missed, not the following term.
We do not offer credits, refunds or make up lessons for any lessons missed.


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Last updated: 30 July 2019